Bergie Pictures from the Past

Bergfreunde Ski Club

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 Halloween Party 1999

 Beer Wagon

 Yours Truly

 Mike Schneider

 Bergie Picnic 2001

Bergie Picnic 2001


Pinocle ?
More Pinocle ! 

 This is serious

 Bergie Picnic 2001

 Bergie 2001
 Pinocle at The Rock

 Bergie 2001 Picnic



 Bergie 2001

 East Coast Swing ?
 Bergie Picnic 2001 Bergie Picnic 2001
Bergei Picnic 2001  

 Room 218

 Dan Bush with a friend ?

 Party overflowing into hallway

 Room 217

 New Years AfterParty

 New Years AfterParty

 Buffy @The AfterParty

 Happy New Year !!!!!!!

 Next Door

 Outside My Door
 Togo Part Feb 1993  1990 General Don's Birthday

Pictures and Old News Clips of Bergies

 Joe Adams  Jack Young and Company  Jack, Alice and ?  
 Joe Adams Spruce Goose  Familiar Faces at the 1990 Picnic

  Washington Fair ground


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